To start FRAGSTATS, simply double click on the frg_gui.exe file and (hopefully) the opening window shown in figure 2 will display.

Figure 2. Anatomy of the FRAGSTATS opening user interface.

The anatomy of the opening window is quite simple and is similar to many windows-based programs:

  • Title bar -- The title bar lists the name of the current or open model file. The model file contains the current parameterization scheme (see below). When you first start FRAGSTATS, a model file does not exist. Consequently, the title is listed as "Fragstats *.*" until you either create a New model or Open an existing (saved) model. After selecting a New model, the title bar lists "Unnamed" until the model is saved and named. After opening an existing (saved) model the title bar lists the name of the model file.

  • Menu bar -- The menu bar consists of a several items that are not particularly relevant until a model is created or opened in the next step; as such, these items are discussed below.

  • Tool bar -- The tool bar consists of several common tools that are also accessible from the drop-down menus, as discussed below.

  • Action bar -- The action bar merely echos the action that will be taken by the menu option or tool button selected by the mouse. Thus, placing the mouse over the New button on the tool bar will echo "create a new file", which is the action that will happen if the button is selected.

  • Minimize -- Minimize window.

  • Maximize -- Maximize window to full screen.

  • Close Program -- Close FRAGSTATS.